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We're all mad here

Alice and the Hatter
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This community is for fics, fan art, discussion, and general talk about SyFy's Alice/Hatter

alice_hatter is an lj community devoted to all things Alice/Hatter. Grapics, fan fiction, fan art, general discussion, so on and so forth, devoted to the pairing of SyFy's Alice and Hatter.

Who are Alice and Hatter? (Bios taken shamelessly from Syfy's Alice and all props and copywright to them. Community profile pic and individual character pics done by lostarkeo who is awesome.)

Alice made by lostarkeo Alice Hamilton is a young martial arts instructor with commitment issues. At the age of 10, her father left the family without warning or word and it's had long-lasting effect on her -- she can't quite trust men. She has high hopes that her new love, Jack Chase, might be "the one," but when he offers her a spectacular engagement ring that has been passed down for generations in Jack's family, she panics and sends him packing directly into the arms of a mysterious, well-dressed gang of menwho are out to nab Jack and the valuable jewel. Realizing that Jack has slipped the ring into her pocket before leaving, Alice pursues him, witnesses his abduction and gives chase. Alice follows the group through a smoky mirrored portal -- a looking glass -- and soon realizes that she has slipped into a parallel universe: Wonderland.

hatter A man who's quick with a quip and who looks dapper in a fine chapeau, Hatter runs the tea shop where the Queen's distilled emotions are bought and sold to a hungry populace on the open market. Despite his con man persona, he has a soft spot for Alice, and his intimate knowledge of the underworld of Wonderland could prove to be a valuable ally to Alice in her adventures there.

Alice and Hatter appear in a Syfy original two part miniseries, Alice, which made its debut on December 6th, 2009, and finished on December 7th, 2009.